Interior Decorations

We design homes with soul, that are sophisticated, yet low-key, to suit our clients’ lifestyle.

Eleven Ten Design was created out of a passion for connecting people with the places they live and share. We firmly believe that a thoughtfully-designed space, that you feel connected to on every level, enriches every part of life. 


We are organized, streamlined and efficient in our approach, and ensure our clients feel confident in our ability to not simply design a beautiful house, but execute it skillfully, down to the smallest detail.

We work with people who appreciate good design, and are looking for someone to push their vision of their space into something better than they ever could have imagined.



Wen Qi Hu

Bachelor of Interior Design | ARIDO Intern

Wen is the founder and head designer at Eleven Ten Design. 

Wen was graduated from the Bachelor of Interior Design program at Sheridan College. After years of gaining knowledge and experience throughout various residential and commercial projects, having been asked frequently from friends to design their spaces, Wen realized that her true passion in practicing her own style. In particular, Wen realized she was especially interested in the connection we have with our home or work environments, and how that affects our everyday lives, memories and experiences. This led her to create Eleven Ten Design.

Wen’s key goal in every project is to create spaces that are personalized to her clients. Whether it be through the colors used on the walls or the way the kitchen is designed, the end result of one of Wen’s projects illustrates a true expression of the clients’ personalities and experiences.

Because of this approach, there is not one singular “look” that Wen’s work embodies — no matter what style she is asked to create, each space she designs feels joyful, livable, and unique to her clients.

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