Interior Design

Full Service Design


Our full-service design covers just about everything to create a fully completed, beautiful home that is a true reflection of you and how you want to live with our expertise. We manage your project from the initial concept through to the completion of, designing, decorating and coordinating your project down to the final details. 

Our Process




Getting to know you



Initial meeting to gather information on your project scope, budget, timeline, & expectations.




Project Launch



We will have our fee proposal & contract ready for your approval. Once we've decided to work together, we will take site measurements and get ready to move on.




Initial Design



Initial concept on space planning to give you an idea of proposed floor plan, as well as furniture & lighting layouts. We want your feedbacks and approval. 




Design Development



Further development to concept & drawings.

Engage necessary engineers,

Design & estimate will be presented to you.


Our interior design projects are expertly planned, well-thought out, respond to all of your needs and desires in terms of both style and functionality, are upscale, modern, efficient, turnkey, respectful of the environment, and allow you to live luxuriously and gracefully. We also offer a wide array of interior design services to meet all of your needs.

We encourage you to contact Upstage Interior Design at the outset of your project! We will provide you with detailed interior design proposals and recommendations, expert advice and guidance throughout the interior design process of exploration and research, on to implementation, full management of the project including turnkey renovations, construction, installation, through to interior design completion, styling and accessorizing – we are pleased to take care of every last detail for you with the utmost diligence and attentiveness so that your dream interior design vision is realized.

Our design firm, specializing in residential interior design for 13 years now, offers renovation, architectural and interior design services in Greater Montreal. Whether it is for a new construction, the renovation of your living room, the design of your kitchen or your bathroom, the layout of your residence or the conversion of your duplex into a family cottage, our team of interior designers is at your side to carry out your project.

We recommend our own team because they are people that we trust and are confident in the quality of their workmanship, however, if you have your own contractor or team that you feel comfortable working with, we can work with them as well.

RMI remains in close contact with our project contractor, draper, upholsterer, painter and wallpaper installer so that each is aware of the design and is on schedule. We are also on site on a regular basis during the construction phase to answer questions and oversee installations, as well as minimize the impact of any unforeseen problems on the design or schedule.